I teach women to discover, embrace and communicate their kinks.

I was a professional dominatrix for over two decades and have always loved working with nervous newbies. I excel at putting people at ease so they can open up and talk about the fantasies they’ve always kept to themselves. If Fifty Shades of Grey stirred something in you, let me help you understand and enjoy it!

I offer one on one mentoring via video or phone so we can connect from anywhere in the world. I work with couples on a case by case basis. My main focus is women’s sexual empowerment so require an initial session with the woman so we can get to know each other before bringing your male partner into the mix.

Kinky Sex Tips For Curious Girls is a series of on-line classes intended to help women understand themselves and their interests as they take a journey of kinky self discovery with other like-minded women over 6-12 weeks. You are invited to apply for membership to my on-line women only community if you would like to learn more. Joining the community is free. Once enrolled in one of my classes, you will have access to a private forum to discuss your journey.

Next year I will be hosting a retreat in Portland Oregon for women interested in yoga, bourbon, strip clubs and other, less than lady-like adventures.

Safe and Empowering

I signed up for Mona's Dominant Goddess class hoping a little bit on a whim, but hoping to be able to explore the fantasies I wasn't able to express. I came out of a long marriage sexually unfulfilled AND feeling sexually rejected. The years that followed took a lot of healing. Since then I have a new partner I started to explore my more sensual side with and Mona's class really gave me some tools I needed to explore and express fantasies in a way that felt both safe and empowering. She helped me find a way that felt good to me to not only explore but talk about things with my partner. I am so grateful and excited for this next chapter in my life - in my mind, body and spirit!

Tara R. Adventuress

Compassionate and Kinky

Mona is as compassionate and knowledgeable as she is kinky, which says a lot! I adore the safe spaces she creates for women.

Not A Fluffer

You know those days when you just need someone to tell you how it really is? One thing you can always trust about Mona is she’ll give it to you straight. In a world full of bullshit artists and fluffers, Mona is the real deal.

Affirming and Validating

I grew up in a pretty sex negative environment. It took me until my 30s to finally be ready to ditch the shame and learn to embrace my sexual identity, my desires, fantasies, and erotic energy. Mona creates a safe place for those really difficult changes to happen. Seeing other women who are comfortable with their own sexuality is so affirming and validating. She is able to draw me out in a way that most others aren't because she is so comfortable and educated in this space. She's the real deal.

Jess R. Goddess

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